We want to equip you and your community to
help teens encounter Christ in new ways.

Project YM is pushing the field of Catholic Youth Ministry into new frontiers. I am thankful for their fearless creativity and willingness to gather some of the best minds in the field.

Doug Tooke (Director of Youth Ministry – Diocese of Helena)

ProjectYM provided a very professional and interesting day for Confirmation Catechists from our Diocese. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and had a huge impact on what the catechists present were then able to deliver.

Jack Regan (Diocese of Arundel & Brighton – England)
Youth Ministry Today is CHALLENGING
As youth culture evolves, new tools and resources are needed to help reach this generation and the next for Christ and His Church. Here at ProjectYM we want to equip you and your community to answer the Church's call to "encounter" in new ways. 

Our team is ready leap into action to help out with all sizes of parish, school, and diocesan events in three ways:
The ProjectYM Team has some of the most engaging speakers in the field today who are passionate about proclaiming the gospel to today's youth, young adults, and parish leaders.

Our team members are commonly featured as keynotes at parish youth nights, school/parish retreats, diocesan conferences, regional Rallies, and national events. They present on a wide variety of topics; from the basic kerygma, how to evangelize, how to gird your loins and other manly topics, and what to do when faith gets awkward. 
Our team doesn't just love youth ministry, we are youth ministers. We know that training and equipping a ministry team is one of the primary needs of every parish, school, and diocese.

Our directors alone have over 40 years combined of ministry experience that they bring to every coaching and training event. Moreover, ProjectYM is dedicated to merging the best practices of the last 30 years of youth ministry with emerging ideas and trends in the field to ensure a comprehensive, but fresh, approach to forming your community's ministry team.

If you are looking for small group basics, the best ways to incorporate technology in ministry, or just looking to take your ministry to the next level, then let our team go to work for you.
Our team is a big fan of the process, but we know that successful discipleship processes include a big event at some point.

The Project YM team has run hundreds of retreats, conferences, and rallies and we have collaborated on the largest events in Catholic youth ministry.

Our team specializes in interactive and engaging events that are focused on giving youth a lived experience of faith that continues to unfold for weeks or months after the event. 

Best of all though, is the fact that we want to work with your adult and teen leaders to make these events happen, so that you get both a great event, and a great training experience for your team.
Whatever your need this year or next, our diverse and experienced team would love to be a part of it!
Regardless of which one of our speakers you hire, or which team members come out, you can expect the following from a ProjectYM experience:
Our team is a group of highly creative people who draw deeply from the history of the Church, but share the faith in unique and engaging ways.
We want everything we do to be a true partnership from beginning to end. 
No matter what our presentation or responsibilities, we want participants to be deeply engaged in reflection on where Christ is present in the midst of their lives.
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