Learn how to effectively use Instagram in your ministry.
Michael Marchand
One of the creators of ProjectYM.  In addition to emceeing the Digital Church Conference, Michael travels around the country empowering teens and adults to use social media to share the Gospel.
Heather Leith
Manages the social media adventures of Saddleback's High School Ministry.  HSM is killing it on Instagram – and the person behind it all is Heather.  Don't believe me?  Check it out.
Your teens are on Instagram.  Everyday.
The question is: are you?
Everywhere we go, we ask teens about which social media platform they use the most.  And every single time the top two are Instagram and Snapchat.  Every.  Single.  Time.

So you shouldn't be wondering: "Should we be using Instagram in our ministry?"
You should instead be asking: "How do we EFFECTIVELY use Instagram in our ministry?"
We've got the answer. 
In this free video we'll cover:
Real World Examples
We'll talk about what is working and what's not working on Instagram.
Creating a Strategy
Being effective on social media requires a plan: Instagram is no different.
What to Post
Not all content is created equal: find out what content gets the best engagement on Instagram.
How to Gain Followers
The do's and don'ts of gaining followers on Instagram.
Using Instagram Live
Find out how you can use Instagram and integrate it seamlessly into your live events and programs
Where to Get Content
Stop reinventing the wheel: there's great sources for Instagram content out there!
Tools. Tools. Tools.
Don't work hard, work smart.  That means having the right tools for the job: we'll show you our favorites!
How to be Consistent
Consistency is KEY on any social media platform.  We'll talk about how to achieve that on Instagram.
Taking it Offline
Connecting with teens online is only the first step.  We'll discuss how you take things into the real world.
Free Gifts Just for Attending
If you attend this webinar (and stick around to the end), we'll give you:
Free "Follow Us On Instagram" Screen Graphics
Get customizable, downloadable slides for you to put into PowerPoint, Keynote or ProPresenter inviting people to follow you on Instagram.
Free "Follow Us On Instagram" Poster
Get customized, printable PDF posters for you to post in your youth room, narthex, office or the backs of teens to announce your new (or rebooted) Instagram account!
This Online Resource is 100% Free.
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