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We're equipping young people in Uganda to share the Gospel, and we need your help!
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What We're Doing
Our goal is to empower and equip young people in Uganda to share their faith: in their families, in their schools and in their communities.  We're accomplishing that goal by doing three things:
We're Heading to Uganda
Every summer, we send a team to Uganda to work hands on with young people and train adult leaders in the Diocese of Masaka. We'll be working in parishes, schools and universities in the area.
Resourcing Leaders
While in Uganda, we'll be spending time training leaders to build discipleship and outreach programs in their communities.  Once we're back in the states, we'll continue to resource and train these leaders virtually.
Hiring Local Youth Ministers
Our goal is to put in place Uganda’s first paid, parish youth ministers. Initially starting at two parishes, but potentially growing to every parish in the diocese.  They'll be given a salary, a budget and ongoing training and resources.
Come To Uganda With Us This Summer
We're looking for a team of people to join us in Uganda this July/August.  You'll be in Uganda for 10 days of life-changing, hands on ministry with the young church there.  We'll be leading workshops, training leaders, talking with young people, teaching theology and sharing the Gospel with the community.
Two Trips to Choose From
We'll be taking 2 groups this summer

Session One: July 11-21
Session Two: July 21-31
Cost of the Trip
The trip cost $1,500 per person.

Includes: lodging, transportation, supplies and meals while in Uganda.  (Does not include airfare)
Who is this for?
This trip is designed for people with a heart for ministry.  We won't be build houses or digging ditches, we'll be working hands on with youth and young adults.
If this trip sounds like something you might be interested in, click the button below and we'll be in touch with more information.
We have big dreams for the Church in Uganda, but it starts with you.
People in Uganda have very little money – the average family makes $1.25 per day.  That means that even though Catholics in Uganda give generously, parishes in Uganda have very little money.  The idea of a paid youth minister or a parish-funded youth ministry program is unheard of.

With your help, we can support the young Church in Uganda!
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ReigniteUganda is a ministry of
"My first visit to Uganda changed my life,
And that’s when we started ReigniteUganda"

A few years ago, I got a Facebook message from Moses, a 17-year old in Uganda. Moses wanted to share with me about an encounter with Christ that changed his life. 

A priest in Uganda named Fr. Michael Senfuma had put together a conference for young people to empower them to dare for more – with their life and their faith. He was encouraging them to challenge the status quo. To stand up and make a difference. And to do so by embracing the call of the gospel. 

Moses answered that call. Without knowing exactly how he was going to do it, he follow the promptings of the Spirit to start the first real parish youth ministry program in Uganda.  That’s why he contacted me on Facebook.  Moses was a youth minister reaching out for help. He was looking for resources, ideas, encouragement, prayer, and most importantly a partner in ministry. 

The more I talked to Moses and heard the incredible things God was doing on the streets of Uganda, the more God put it on my heart to be a part of it.  I continued working with Moses – sharing resources and wisdom through social media.

In 2013, the Diocese of Masaka, Uganda invited me to keynote at Dare4More, the same conference that lit a fire in Moses' heart.

My first visit to Uganda changed my life.

I returned in 2014 and will be back in Uganda this summer (August 2015).  The previous two trips have been all about the conference – but this year we’re taking the next step in our ministry in Masaka.

This year, for the week and half after Dare4More we'll be spending time in 6-8 villages, helping young people take their next steps in their faith. When they come home from the conference, they're all fired up – but when they get home, their new found faith is not supported or nourished, and they have no idea how to actively (and practially) live out or share their faith. Our team that will be there with them in the days after the conference to help them figure those next steps out.

But our mission doesn’t end there.  We want to provide them with ongoing help and discipleship to continue to grow in their faith and their ability to evangelize.  Our goal is to put in place Uganda’s first paid, parish youth ministers.  Initially starting at two parishes, but potentially growing to every parish in the diocese.  We aim to support those youth ministers not just financially but with ongoing resources and virtual training and support.

Our goals are lofty and our dreams big – but we believe we serve a big God and that through Him, all things are possible.

To make this initial project possible, we’re looking for people interested in investing in ongoing ministry in Ugada.

If you think God might be calling you to be one of those investors, I would love to talk with you more.

If not, please pray for our work in Uganda and share this page with anyone you think might be able to support our mission.

Michael Marchand
Founder of Reignite Uganda
[email protected]